Santa’s Grotto: The Flat 9 Edition


When what seemed like the whole of Twitter and Facebook put up their Christmas decorations last week, I can easily admit I was jealous as hell. If it’d had been down to me these bad boys would have been up in the last weekend of November…

This year is extra special, as not only is it the first time I’ve ever had a real tree, its our first one in the flat together. (Totes grown ups.)


Even our first baubles were special as they were made by one of the best guys on the planet and his lovely girlfriend…

The wooden and blue acrylic Reindeer’s you can see below are handmade and available from Etsy here. Get yourselves some!


The rest of our decorations are from all over the place, thanks to me not being able to stop myself from buying at least one from basically every shop I’ve walked into so far this month.

If you’re after more, the majority of what you can see here is from – The Range, Ikea, M&S, Tesco Home, Asda George and Garden centers. 





And hey presto, here’s the finished job all together…


Is your tree up yet? Tell me about it in the comments below…

Send me links, send me pics – I’m obsessed!


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