DIY: Make your own Christmas wreath

Single digits.

9 days!

We’re only 9 days away til CHRISTMAS! So whilst you let that sink in (in case you haven’t seen a calendar so far today, or are just blissfully unaware of what this means for people who are no way near prepared for the 25th yet…) here’s a simple, fun and most importantly pretty damn cute, festive activity for you to try at home:


The Christmas Wreath

One of my favourite things about December is seeing all the wreaths start to show up on the front doors of houses. Its a little sign which shows that those inside have probably put their decorations up or are just about to and is pretty much a massive declaration of ‘we love Christmas!’

I’ve seen so many different designs for wreaths, especially this year, and whilst I’m a massive fan of all things simplistic and monochrome, I just can’t love Christmas decorations which don’t look traditional. So when Matt suggested we make our own wreath (he wanted to make decorations too but I quickly reminded him this isn’t Art Attack and it wouldn’t be cute to have badly made ornaments up made by 24 year olds) I jumped at the chance.


So after a quick google search (lets be honest now) it was pretty clear that it actually isn’t that hard to make one of these things. After skipping past all the weirdly complicated instructions about wire and intertwining wood (who really has the time, or patience?) we went on the search for holly, berries, ivy and basically any leaves that looked remotely Christmassy.

We didn’t take any heavy duty gloves or garden cutters with us, though I’ve read quite a few instructions which say you need them… We simply used kitchen scissors, our own bare hands and put it all in a wooden basket. Don’t believe the hype.

Then came the task of finding what to use to create the main circle – so we headed to The Range to get some inspiration. Its here where we really cheated and nabbed up a ready-made wreath base. But seriously, after easily an hour in there at this time of year, you just want to escape!



This little beauty cost us £1.99, came with a really sophisticated load of added decorations… and is definitely aimed at 5 year olds.

But it did the job!

We started by taking a long vine from a piece of ivy and wrapping it round the base. This made it easier to attack the rest of leaves. From there its pretty self explanatory. We slotted in bits of ivy where possible, trying to include the best bits (with berries thrown in) and then used other stems to wrap around and tie bits in place.





We definitely collected way too many leaves and ended up using only about half of them… but I guess, its always better to have more rather than less.

Once we had everything in place we added the bell included in the little decoration pack which came with the base (so it did have its uses after all!) and tried to secure everything as much as possible. I’d recommend actually sewing around the main stems supporting everything else, to make sure nothing falls off.

So there you have it – a super quick, easy (especially if you cheat a little) and pretty much completely free festive activity to add to your to-do list.


Do you have any tips for next years wreath? Let me know in the comments below.

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