Birchbox #2 | March Unboxing



As you’ll know from last month’s post I was seriously impressed with my first Birchbox delivery, so when March’s box arrived I jumped straight in to trying the products it contained.

Word Up

I love the theme, which is all about searching for the right beauty products for you, but sadly the products I received weren’t really what I’ve been after. The box is super cute though, I mean who doesn’t love the opportunity to do a word search… So I’ll definitely be using it to store some gems.


bb march

Disappointment aside, we were treated to not one but two full sized products this month, the first being a Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm from Arrow (RRP £11.00). I love a lip balm and especially one which can add a bit of fuss free colour to your lips, so I was particularly excited for this product.

Arrow are a Birchbox Exclusive, vegan brand, which is always reassuring to know from the get-go and they also provide some beautiful packaging, like this Aztec design. The balm is said to work by adjusting to the pH balance of your lips and creating a brighter pink colour, which it certainly did – but for me, the pink was a bit too much. My lips are naturally quite pink anyways, so after just one application my lips were very bright! If yours are a duller colour this would probably be perfect for sprucing up a day-to-day look. Sadly, it just wasn’t a match for mine.

The second full size product came from ModelCo and their More Brows eyebrow mascara (RRP £13.00). I was surprised how small this product is considering its meant to be full size, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it vanished with all those hair pins in the bottom of your makeup bag. With that said, the brush certainly does the job and is easy to apply and produces a good coverage. Sadly, again this just wasn’t for me. My brows are so light that the quick-dry gel just made them look clunky and under-groomed.

It was a similar story for the Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume (RRP £20.00) as I have naturally straight hair. The product left my hair feeling gritty and greasy, rather than sleek and relaxed as advertised. Big no no for me.

And again with the Beauty Protector Beauty Wash (RRP £10.90) which is another Birchbox Exclusive, although it smelt lovely… it made my eczema flare up 😦 😦

I have a lot of love for the Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Maque (RRP £36.00) however, which left my hair feeling so well nourished. It makes me sad that a full sized bottle is so expensive, but I’ll definitely be adding it to my next Birthday/Christmas list.

Last but not least, the Polaar Polar Night Cream (RRP £32) has been a blessing as I’ve been on the search for a new night cream. At last, something I’ve been looking for! It’s apparently enriched with ‘ingredients that react to the light of the moon’, which is an idea that sounds completely dreamy to me. I used it primarily under my eyes, which is where I find my skin needs the most help at night and I’ve noticed a remarked improvement when I wake up in the morning.

What did you think of this month’s box? Was it what you’ve been searching for?

R x

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3 thoughts on “Birchbox #2 | March Unboxing

  1. It’s a shame you didn’t like the arrow lip balm, I loved it 🙂 I think your right though with the pinkyness! Mine went quite bright haha


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