Could the Sassy Stash replace your clutch bag?



Girls, we all know how annoying it can be to figure out which bag you’re going to take on a night out. You don’t want to be stuck with a normal sized one, which has everything you drag around with you day-to-day (Mary Poppins style, we all do it) but you can’t just go without one right? Where would you keep those key bits of makeup you need just in case you’re after a top up… or a brush in case its windy… or deodorant in case its hot… or even (probably more importantly) the practical bits, like your keys, phone, purse?

Obviously this is where clutches come in, but even they’re a bit of a nightmare sometimes. Do you take out one with a chain, which I just never think looks as nice (don’t ask me why) or commit to holding one either in your hand or nestling under your armpit for the entire night?

Some of us (students I’m going to stereo-typically look straight at you for this one, soz) have got around this issue by storing their valuables in their bras of all places, so they can be completely hands free on the dance floor. That just isn’t for me.

I always wonder what happens when you get change at the bar? Is there just a few loose coins jiggling around with your boobs? :SSSS

This is where the creators of Sassy Stash think they’ve solved all your problems, with their admittedly very cute garter, which holds all your valuables against your legs while you dance the night away.



The garter is adjustable and worn as you would with any other, except it conceals a group of small pockets where your cards, phone and other small items can be hidden away.

Its said you could fit things like keys, glasses and loose change in there (so basically all the usual bits and bobs you’d keep in your handbag) but that strikes me as a bit odd when you consider it then has to comfortable against your leg.

Trying it on with just a phone, cards and some notes was completely fine but I was completely sober and didn’t leave the house…

Their ‘mission objective’ for the product is apparently so you can “get impeccably boozy and look immaculately flawless while you’re at it.”  But would I trust it to hold in a busy club or whilst I was stumbling to find a taxi? Probably not.

They also say, “Things to remember: Beyonce is your spirit animal. Always.” I mean, that I can get behind but I can’t really imagine Bey rocking one of these, sorry guys.

The packaging it comes in is so cute though, we can’t take that away from them. I have the box sitting on my dressing table right now because it looks so nice amongst other bits. The idea behind the garter is also a really good one, I think. I was sold when reading up about it, but I just don’t think the end product really matches up.

So will I be leaving my clutch at home and trusting my Sassy Stash to keep my phone and other pretty damn essential belongings safe on my next trip to Oceana?

No. But I do think its on the right path for an amazing idea… its just not quite there yet.

R x

*PR Sample

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