Review: LUSH ‘Lets Get Ready To Crumble’ Gift Set



You can never go wrong with LUSH in general, so you definitely can’t go wrong with a LUSH Gift Set, (thanks KW) especially when the whole point of the set is to ‘bathe in style’ – There is literally nothing I love to do more.

The Lets Get Ready To Crumble set gives you four unique Bubble Bars to make your bath smell, look and feel great – Karma, Yuzu and Cocoa,  Milky Bath and Granny Takes A Dip.

Granny Takes A Dip



I was immediately drawn to the most colourful bar of the bunch, expecting a bath full of psychedelic rainbows. But I’ll admit I was a little disappointed when I dunked it into the water and there wasn’t a mad rush of colour straight away. This is completely my bad as I didn’t even think about this being a Bubble Bar not a Bath Bomb – they’re different Renate, duh.

It’s all about the crumbling (as I should’ve guessed from the name really, shouldn’t I) so once I’d picked up the chunks which were now sitting at the bottom of my bath and helped them dissolve into the water, I was greeted with lots of bubbles.

The ginger, pepper and lemon scent was unmistakable and made me feel so clean and refreshed. I smelled of citrus for the rest of the day after getting out too, which put me in a great mood.




Next to take my fancy was the biggest of the bars, Karma. As soon as I picked it up I knew this one would be a colourful bath time as I immediately had purple fingers!

I wasn’t in any way disappointed with colour for this one, with my entire bath being full of purple water. Not only was it purple water, it was purple GLITTERY water. I mean, I was basically a unicorn for an hour. Living the dream. I did have glitter all over me when I got out (which I don’t personally see as a problem, you should’ve seen me when glitter hairspray was a thing) so if you’re not too keen on that I’d definitely suggest a shower after your dip.

This was also by far the best smelling of the four, with the Lemongrass, Patchouli and Sweet Orange oils mixed with Mango Butter making it seem seriously good enough to eat.

Milky Bath 



Milky Bath was a dream. An absolute dream.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as relaxed in a bath as I was in this one. The Patchouli and Orange oil mixed with Cocoa Butter made the water seem almost creamy and full of soothing bubbles.

When I say bubbles, I mean BUBBLES. There was tonnes of them and they lasted for the entire bath, which almost never happens.

My skin was left feeling so smooth and moisturized. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re after a serious pamper session.

I was probably least excited about this one based purely on how it looked, so made sure I didn’t save it til last. Guess that goes to show, you definitely shouldn’t judge a book Bubble Bar by its cover.

Yuzu and Cocoa



Last but by no means least is another colourful little bar, which didn’t disappoint. Yuzu and Cocoa also smells almost good enough to eat and with it being shaped like a macaroon I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly tempted at one point. (Do not eat LUSH products. Or any bath products for that matter. Bit soapy.)

I’ll put down the fact it made me hungry to its Banana, Avocado Butter, Grapefruit Oil and Cocoa Absolute ingredients. It gives you a burst of citrus with a chocolatey undertone, so you can see why it made me peckish!

Just like with Karma, I immediately knew this would be another colourful one purely based on how bright it is. Yellow is my favourite colour and boy is this yellow. Sadly, the water had more of a green tinge, which is a little bit strange to sit in but we can’t have everything I guess.

All in all I adored this gift set and would highly recommend you treat yourself to one or try out the individual bars separately.

Lets Get Ready To Crumble Gift Set: £18.50
Granny Takes A Dip: £3.65 each
Karma Bubble Bar: £4.25 each
Milky Bath Bubble Bar: £3.75 each
Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon: £3.75 each

Have you tried any of these Bubble Bars? What did you think?

R x

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