Birchbox #3 | April Unboxing


Let me start this post by saying I am not happy with the customer service I’ve received from Birchbox this month. Seeing other people post pictures of their beautifully designed boxes got me so excited to get mine in the post. I waited and waited and waited… until it got to the 12th and I thought hang on, where is my box?

Long story short, after a number of emails, tweets and a text from my mum asking me why I’ve had my Birchbox order sent home, as in half way up the country from where I live now… (It’d been sent, still very late, to my billing address…) On the 20th my box finally got to me. As most of the month had already flown by it left me wondering whether I should even bother reviewing it, which makes it even more typical that this month’s box is actually my favourite yet.

Blooming Marvelous 

Collaborating with Rifle Paper Co was always going to be a winner in terms of how the box looks. I love their prints, which just scream Spring. We got to choose between two designs – Herb Garden (as shown here) and Jardin de Paris, which was a pink and turquoise design. Both were so pretty, it was a hard choice to make!



I was so excited to see Benefit’s BADgal Lash Mascara (RRP 17.50) because I absolutely adore it. If you’re after some serious volume for your lashes I’d 100% try this out. The over-sized wand makes it really easy to apply and you won’t be spending time constantly re-applying it afterwards as it seems to last forever.

The next product to catch my eye was the full size So Susan Lip Dome (RRP £10.00) in Melon. I’ve heard mixed reviews of So Susan in the past but this is my first time using the brand myself. The Lip Dome is a plumping lip tint, which boasts pigment, hydration and long-lasting wear. As far as pigment goes, I love love love the colour. Its absolutely perfect for this time of year and really complements my skin tone. Sadly the hydration and longevity doesn’t quite match up to that. I reckon this would last a lot longer if you used a moisturizing product over the top, which is what I’ll be doing, but that’s not really the point is it?

I’m all about oils right now. I love them. So when you give me one that can go on your skin and your hair, I’m impressed already. NUXE’s Huile Prodigieuse (RRP 17.00) leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated thanks to its mix of six essential oils, reparative oils and Vitamin E. I added it to the ends of my hair too to give them a quick boost – perfect.

Speaking of perfect hair products, the PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Detangling Leave-In Conditioner (RRP 17.00) works so well as heat protection spray as well as conditioner. You can smell the sweet almond extract, which leaves your locks feeling so fresh. Spray it onto damp hair and let it work its magic.

Last and probably least exciting is the Kueshi Foot Care Cream (RRP £12.00). Don’t get me wrong, our feet need looking after too, especially as the sandals are about to start making appearances but I don’t think you can really be that inspired by a foot cream. It definitely made my feet feel smoother but the main ingredient is made perfectly clear straight away as it absolutely reeks of tea tree oil. If you like that smell then this is one for you but its a bit strong for my liking.

Are you a subscriber? What did you think of this month’s box?

R x

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5 thoughts on “Birchbox #3 | April Unboxing

  1. I recently ordered my first Birchbox and I have been waiting over a week for my box, still waiting now 😦 Really hoping I also receive the Benefit mascara! I am hoping to post about this box to and hopefully do a monthly battle of the boxes with glossybox.

    Cara xoxo

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