Photo Diary: Paris long weekend away

Nobody really prepares you for the amount of steps you’ll be taking when you decide to try and see all the sights of Paris in four days. No one prepares you for the amount you’ll miss the city every single day you’re away from it either… From getting lost in the Lourve to scatting out on top of the Eiffel Tower, crying watching other people buy Chanel … Continue reading Photo Diary: Paris long weekend away

Birchbox #7 | August Unboxing

Dive In  Despite the fact my August Birchbox arrived in September (seriously guys, sack off Hermes for your delivery plz) they’ve seriously impressed me with the products this month, well… last month. In fact, there isn’t a single one I feel the need to moan about. The exclusive scuba bag design is a major hit for future storage purposes and sets the tone for the cute … Continue reading Birchbox #7 | August Unboxing